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Transparent earphones with amazing voice! | Shure E5c Sound Isolating Earphones Review

Transparent earphones with amazing voice!

Shure Sound Isolating Earphones E5C be better if we talk about headphones. The belief is that if you have a pair of headphones that completely covers and insulates the ears. Shure Sound Isolating Earphones E5C you can think of something new. Now pay attention to this new line of thought: Tiny is better.

Shure has found a way to listen to the speaker drivers Dual tiny headphones that will last only by the noise in the background represents the party. If your answer is "OK" as a secret agent, does not mind spending more money on the headphones, like an iPod and Beosound 5 will not let the Shure E5C below. You really get what you pay for this striking design.

Although the headphones E5C larger than other headsets, you see, is still surprisingly small. The cable that comes with a crossover line which separates the signals of high and low frequencies. It includes a flexible support material within the wire behind the ears, allowing you, the cable loop goes on and behind the ears that hear his music can be discreet.

Another great feature of this E5C Shure Sound Isolating earphones are that it is very light and flat. You can fold into a small pouch that these headphones makes it easy to transport.

The entrance has a low profile to avoid accidental deletion and elbow hook. Shure also have a removable line volume attenuator to adjust the volume to cause confusion or without your MP3 player, listening device can be done.

The damping is slightly larger than it should be, and because it is built directly into the spinal cord E5C, you must connect the cable end. To try to keep the headphones in the ears of all shapes and sizes Shure Sound Isolating Earphones E5C headset comes with a number is "manga", called "Fit Kit." Our tester was a bit hard to find a manga, I felt comfortable. The easiest are the expanding foam sleeves that extend to join the contour of the ear canal.

Let's look at all the functions of the headset.

Just listen to what to do with the sound in the ear design
lightweight and portable design - weighing only 1.1 ounces
High Power Dual microphone in the ear
In line crossing to improve the sound quality of a study


1 compact and simple design
2 developed to work with almost all ears
3 ready to go, lost sonic happiness


1st costs more than most things to fit
2 could be a little too big for small ears
The 3 volume fader could be a little better designed and integrated

Overall for the price they charge for it, you'll find a better headset. Surely there are better, but you have to pay much more for only a small increase in skills.

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