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Unique items Growing Crystal Jar| Unique Gifts Wishing Growing Crystal Jar

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Unique Gifts Wishing Growing Crystal Jar

In Asia, crystals are widely adopted as an important Feng Shui accessory. Many people believed that crystals have special power and energy which will help the owners in many different aspects. Now you have the chance to DIY your own crystal, witness its growth and make your wish upon it!

  • Funny to see the crystal growing

  • Perfect decoration

  • 6 colors for different horoscopes

  • Safe and non-toxic

  • Simple and easy to handle

  • Excellent educational kit to inspire your kids

  • Great addition to your home, office or dorm

  • Perfect for unique gifts for everyone!


  1. Take the crystal seed out of the bottle

  2. Hold the stirring rod inside bottle, arrow should be pointing downward

  3. Pour 100 Celsius degree water into bottle up to the marker on stirring rod (NOTE: For countries with very cold weather, please warm the bottle before pouring hot water)

  4. Pour crystal powder into bottle and keep stirring until all powder is dissolved

  5. Wait and pray for 3 minutes

  6. Put the crystal seed into bottle, round side face up

  7. Close the bottle with the cork and crystal will start to grow within few hours

  8. IMPORTANT: Open the bottle after 24 hours

  9. Crystal will keep growing while the water inside will be absorbed. Once the water level is lower than the crystal, pour out the remaining water and close the bottle

  10. Now, close your eyes and make your wish!

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