Selasa, 30 Maret 2010

Robovie-MR2, small robot that can mounted with iPhone!

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Puppy dog eyes make it the perfect spy

Robovie MR2 is a new version of Robovie II with a smaller size and are intended as a robot that can accompany you who are lonely.

Excess in Robo MR2 include the iPod Touch / iPhone dock, which means this robot can connect and retrieve data from your iPhone.

Just like a robot others, Robovie MR2 can talk because it was equipped with a CCD camera, 2 microphones and speakers.

Robovie MR2 has a height of only 30 cm with a weight of 2 kg making it suitable to always be with you at your desk.

but as far as we can see, this robot can only talk to, give the information up-to-date and running.

Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR) as the manufacturer plans to sell this product in the near future.

see video here :

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