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Unique Disappearing ink Pen | Unique Items Disappearing ink Pen

Disappearing ink Pen

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So you are in an important mission where you have to leave no evidence after all, even on everything you have been written down? Well, if such scenario seems applied on your nowadays life, what will you do? After all you have maintained the spying pen or spying glasses, but you have nothing to do to erase your identities been written on the guest book? You’ve just failed to be a spy then.

Whether you are about to write a secret letter to a friend or need to write something temporary, then you better consider trying this disappearing ink pen which been manufactured by Russian scientists during the Cold War. As you writing on a paper with the pen, the ink ill get faded by any minutes and will completely disappeared by 48 hours. Differ with other similar pen, the UV scan won’t be able to trace your writing though, which it means your secret will be safe with it.

You can buy disappearing ink for only $12.99. What a reasonable price for such an incredible pen. You can also done so many exciting things with it, such as writing on your mate’s favorite t-shirt and see how he get angry with what you did, and make him smile again as the ink get disappeared completely.

Buy it Here and in Search Box type ”KGB DISAPPEARING INK PEN”

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